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Sans Summer Newsletter 2021


Selfadvocatenet.com Recipe for the month of September 2021 By Barbie This is a great way to use some of the fresh garden vegetables abundant at this time of year. Zucchini, mushrooms, onion, and tomatoes are cooked until tender, wrapped in warm tortillas, topped with cheese and baked until bubbly. prep:15 mins cook:20 mins total:35 mins Servings:10 Yield:10 servings Ingredients Ingredient Checklist 2 tablespoons butter 1 ½ pounds sliced zucchini 1 pound

Michael McLellan: Self-Advocacy Is Everything For Me

This Story is on BC Disability website report from Spencer Van Vloten is editor for written this Michael McLellan’s passion is self-advocacy (photo: Inclusion BC)   By Spencer van Vloten BC Disability August 27th, 2021   Co-founder of the Self Advocate Leadership Network (SALN), Nanaimo’s Michael McLellan is one of BC’s most prominent self-advocates, spending decades working to ensure that British Columbians with intellectual disabilities are empowered as community leaders.We

Self Advocates Leadership Network

Please check out  Self Advocate Leadership Network (SALN) website for all information leading to the groups activities Contact the group use their email info@salnbc.com     These groups came together to learn and support each other. These groups also came together so they can share and help grow other self-advocacy groups. Self Advocate Leadership Network,s  first Meeting that was in May 2nd,2019   These Groups came together in November 21st,2019

Selfadvocatenet.com Federal Election 2021

Selfadvocatenet.com Federal Election Coverage This is the page for all election coverage  Stay tuned this page will be updated daily on this page. Federal election is on September 20th,2021 point out issues that affect people with disabilities ask your candidates Party Platform that supports people with disabilities Go to Elections Canada for information for people with disabilities that you need to know  before you go to polling stations   With

Investing in skills training for B.C.’s workers Updated on Aug. 5, 2021

Victoria Thursday, August 5, 2021 8:30 AM British Columbians whose jobs have been affected by COVID-19, and people facing barriers to employment, can get new skills training and job opportunities through new training projects. “The global pandemic presented unprecedented challenges for British Columbians who lost their jobs or became under-employed,” said Anne Kang, Minister of Advanced Education and Skills Training. “These new community-based skills training projects will help people facing

Living through COVID-19 self-isolation.  Not once…but twice!!

Written by Noel Anderson I was getting community support and one of the people in the group got tested positive for COVID-19. Island Health called the manager and said, “Anyone within 5 feet of the person had to get tested.”  I had been close to this person.  In the meantime – oh no, self-isolation! I had to wait…I had stay home…til I got the results. I was happy and my

There’s a Wildfire in the Rockies

By Mike Gauthier If you want something in your life, put your mind to it and go for it. You can accomplish it. I am sitting around with my brothers, hearing stories about fighting wildfires. Hey! This could be the way to fill my dreams of riding a helicopter, being on a fire line. I go to the BC Forest Service Office to find out what I need. They tell

What I Have Learned This Past Year

Written by Natalie Raven Hi, I’m Natalie, I live in the Chorus Apartments and I am a part of the Self-Advocates of Semiahmoo and the Community Development POD at Semiahmoo House. This last year, has been a little bit weird and stressful, but it’s not all bad. It is important to remember the good things so that you can be happy, even when you are anxious. For example, one of

A Story About My Job

Hi, my name is Stacey Kohler, and I am proud to be a landscaper. Landscaping is working with equipment outside in all-weather seasons. The tools I use are tongs to pick up garbage, a rake to move leaves and clippers to trim prickle bushes; I got trained to work with the clippers. My daily work routine looks something like this: My dad drives me and my boyfriend, Weston, to work

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