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Sans Spring Newsletter 2020

B.C.’s Back to School Plan

Inclusion BC responds to Covid 19 Pandemic News Headlines Back to School 2020 Back to school is an exciting time. It’s also stressful for many families, especially in these uncertain times. But we’ve all tackled huge challenges so far in 2020 and we CAN do this with a little preparation, clear prioritization of urgent needs and collaborative problem solving. And a little extra patience and flexibility as schools juggle COVID

Chicken Tikka Masala recipe for month of September       This low-carb chicken tikka masala recipe contains succulent pieces of chicken in a rich, creamy sauce. The sauce is colored to a rich red color with a touch of tomato paste and lots of spices. While we have skipped the traditional marinating step and we do not roast the chicken in a Tandoori oven, the final product still tastes like the

The Kamloops Self Advocates Newsletter September ,2020 Edition

The Kamloops Self-Advocates is a newsletter for people with diverse abilities published by Krystian Shaw.   September Edition of KSA Newsletter 2020 contains in It is back to school and summer is coming to an end, but, don’t worry, we’ve got lots to keep you entertained in this month’s newsletter. Join us as we celebrate our 7th anniversary and some great awareness days. September 7th is Labor Day. Labor Day

September is Disability Employment Month 2020 in British Columbia highlighting that  September is Disability Employment Month 2020. In this page i will be trying highlight  employment that those with disabilities have had work In this time i know the Covid 19 virus has alot of those with disabilities are now unemployed and laid off situations. But idea is try to encourage those with disabilities that employment is way make things better for your self and for others earning

My Story about Volunteering at Shaw TV

Written by: Rob Janzen I’ve been volunteering on “The Show” at Shaw TV, Nanaimo for 8 years. The people are friendly and are nice to me. I’m the first one to arrive so I set up the studio. I bring a treat for the crew to share. People enjoy the treats and appreciate me for bringing them and this makes me happy. Some of the jobs I do are set-up

My Story

Written by: Robert Soumang I have a diversibility which made high school feel really hard. I was lucky because the Ladies Auxillary donated a laptop to me, which was a huge help. I was able to use my laptop to type stuff because my writing was hard for people to read. When I was diagnosed with my diversibility my doctor did not want me to go back to school because

Sarah’s Covid Adventure

Written by: Sarah Burke Hi everyone. My name is Sarah Burke and I am 22 years old and I have a dog named Coco, a twin brother named Connor (he is a Peace Officer) and I live with my Mom and Dad. This is my Covid Adventure… At the beginning of the pandemic I had to stay home a lot. When I was home, I played Minecraft, Roblox and Sims


Hey, my name is Victoria. I am a self-advocate with Semiahmoo House.  This is a hard time.  The coronavirus is making me scared but I’m trying to get the positive side. I finished my Culinary Arts Program (CULA) at Semiahmoo House and love cooking and baking.  I am also trying to find a job through WISE employment program with Semiahmoo House. When the virus came I was trying to get

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