Shelley DeCoste

Minister’s Advisory Forum on Poverty Reduction

Shelley DeCoste Monthly Report on September 7, 2018 UBC Robson Square Vancouver I attend my monthly Form on Poverty Reduction This on was on Income and Disability Assistance Overview We heard from 3 people on the forum with lived experience on disability assistance, and the struggles they have to go through. They high lighted things like getting medication, eyes exams, wanting a different place to meet to get PWD, it

Tackling poverty in Kelowna: ‘Affordable housing is at the top of the list’

  Shelley DeCoste has learned to live with her cerebral palsy — it’s the poverty that comes with it that she struggles to deal with. “It’s really sad to have to rely on other people, especially when, you know if given the chance, you can have some kind of job,” she said. DeCoste considers herself lucky because she has part-time work in a kitchen but said many people don’t have

Shelley’s story on the BC Forum on Poverty Reduction.

  Hi! It’s Shelley DeCoste from the Diverse Ability campaign!! I’m writing to tell you about an amazing opportunity I have been given to represent the BC Self Advocacy community to help reduce poverty for people with diverse abilities.I was nominated by Inclusion BC to sit on the BC Provincial task force for poverty reduction.  I am one of many people from all walks of like who have been chosen

Given a Chance to Shine

Given a Chance to Shine “Sometimes we have to prove a little extra” Shelley DeCoste is a motivational speaker and leader of the Divesability campaign. Here she shares a story about about living with cerebral palsy, employment and life lessons.

My job as an Employment Trainer

Hi, my name is Shelley De Coste and I live in Kelowna, BC.  I’m a Self Advocate Liaison for Pathways Association.  Self Advocacy is about speaking up for yourself and being more involved in daily decision making.  I run Self Advocacy meetings where we talk about rights and responsibilities.  I teach people with diverse abilities to take charge of their life and their supports. Support staff are there to help

Dear Service Providers,

I am writing to you because I have been doing a bit of observation in the community on how people with diverse abilities are being supported by their support workers. Now I do understand that it can be a hard job, at times, but I feel that while the worker is supporting the person with disabilities, they should follow that person’s lead and not take over. This is not a

Advocating with Compassion: Supporting People around Personal Supports

I have found that, in my work as an advocate, some of the life issues I support people around are very tricky. Now some issues are straightforward but others can be very serious and challenging. Some topics are quite obvious and others are downright sensitive and personal. The reason why I love the work I do is that, regardless of the issue, it never plays out the same way twice. One Story at a Time

Shelley Dacoste is a self advocate who is leading a campaign to change the word “disability” to “diversability”. Here she writes about her experience presenting at’s Interconnected – an evening of live storytelling on March 6, 2014. The evening of March 6th was hosted at the Roundhouse Yaletown, Vancouver. It was different to be on a stage setting with cameras and lights. It wasn’t a typical interview. I told

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