Summer Newsletter 2019

The Kamloops Self Advocates Newsletter September,2019 Edition

The Kamloops Self-Advocates is a newsletter for people with diverse abilities published by Krystian Shaw.   September Edition of KSA Newsletter 2019 contains in This month’s theme Extra! Extra! Read All About It! This month’s newsletter marks 6th year anniversary of the Kamloops Self-Advocate Newsletter. To mark this special event, we would like to focus on a new inclusion and awareness service that is being offered through the KSA. It

Waffled Vegetable Latkes recipes for Month of September 2019 These veggie-packed latkes, are not your traditional latkes, they’re made with shredded potatoes and a mix of carrots, zucchini and bell pepper, PLUS they’re cooked in a waffle iron so there’s no need to fry! What to serve with latkes is completely up to you, my favorite is with sour cream, lox, capers and red onion, or simply with apple sauce on the

SafeBee’s Top 10 Fall Safety Tips

Here’s what the experts at UL recommend you do now to prevent accidents and keep the family safe To paraphrase the old Byrds song, to everything, there is a season. Shorter days and cooler nights mean it’s time to take some steps around the house, and within your family, to keep yourself and your loved ones safe during the transition to winter. Here are ten smart moves to make now

What independence means to me

by Carrie Derickson I come from a small town called West Bank First Nation. Growing up I remember a lot of issues between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities. Sometimes I refer to my home community as Neverland, like in Peter Pan. I left my community when I was 25. I wanted to make my own future and to focus on what I really needed rather than focus on the colour of

Kamloops man hoping to ‘certify local businesses as disability friendly

Victor Kaisar August 02, 2019 03:44 pm A Kamloops man is hoping his ‘Ability Friendly Access Business program idea will certify local businesses as disability friendly. Krystian Shaw, who runs the Kamloops Self Advocate newsletter says the program would certify businesses as welcoming to people of all abilities. “Lots of businesses should be recognized for their hard work and stuff,” he said. “Customers or patients would likely be welcomed or

Rolands Home Living & Experiences

My name is Roland Swityk, I have Down Syndrome, and I’ve lived on my own for a long time. First I moved out to Kiwanis Park Place in Ocean Park. I did my own cooking grocery shopping with some support. The best part about living at Kiwanis Park Place was that I proved to myself & the people I’m associated with that I can live on my own.  I did

This is one of many inspiring stories.

A year ago, I was trying to find activities outside of the house. I don’t let my limitations get to me. But my diversability does get in the way at times, and limits me to what I can do. I am extreme when it comes to living my life, and when I say extreme, I mean it! I like rock climbing and bungee jumping, just to give you an idea

Limitations don’t define my life

by Kara Anderson   I have lived my entire life with a diverse ability. I have found my path to independence by becoming a mom of a son who also has a diverse ability. He is 19 and gets lots of support from his grandparents and CLBC.My son and I lived with my parents until eight years ago. With the help of Supporting Apartment Living, now Supporting Advocates in Leadership

Federal Election 2019  a page  for the Canadian Federal Election this year date is Oct 21st,2019 To All Self Advocacy Groups. Self Advocate Net is a partner in the I Am Voting initiative.  Our goals are to make sure that everyone knows they have the right to vote and give people the information they need to vote. The Federal Election is October 21, 2019. If you have a group meeting or event

Individualized Funding

By:  Lee Kissinger (Victoria, B.C.)   I had a very difficult matter happen in my life recently. My mom passed away and many things in my life changed. I needed help setting up my new life. First I had some testing to see if I could get support. Then I met with a social worker who wrote what is called “the plan”. This tells people all about me. My dreams

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