Why we need Self-Advocate run Social Clubs

  1. We need social clubs because it makes us be independent and have fun so therefore we don’t rely on support workers all the time and we can save CLBC money.
  2. We don’t need as much support if we are independent with others.
  3. We want to run programs that are self-advocate directed and community directed because it’s fair if we run programs too and support other people with disabilities.
  4. If service providers don’t run something and we see a need out there like a similar program to Best Buddies we should be able to run it.
  5. We should be able to offer emotional support as well.
  6. Most of CLBC’s funding goes to individuals for their supports. This idea would also provide support for a good quality of life and emotional support too.
  7. We need friends because it’s less boring in life.
  8. No longer should programs only be run by professionals with an education degree.
  9. Emotional support needs to be part of supports & services not just physical support.
  10. We need to be leaders of inclusion and self-determination as self- advocates.
  11. There needs to be choice, so we can build natural connections!


kamloops sa nov newsletterRead my full article from “Krystian’s Corner” in The Kamloops Self-Advocate Newsletter

Most programs in the Community Living field are run by professionals, not run by self-advocates with support from professionals. This needs to change. Self-advocates should be leaders of inclusion and self-determination.

Most programs in the field require professionals with an education degree. I want to help run programs too including one in Kamloops. Self-determination is really important to people with diverse abilities. But you never really see self-advocates running programs. We need more peer supported programs similar to Best Buddies International, instead of always relying on support workers.

We can make friends that are a mentor relationship. Most of us don’t have many friends. We may only have support workers. This needs to change! I want to call on service providers around BC and in Kamloops to offer a peer supported programs. In Canada, Best Buddies have this program at schools and colleges.

Service providers need to step up to the plate and offer it. CLBC is asking service providers to innovate and offer different programs that are unique. This is one way to do it, service providers could offer friendship programs and peer supported programs to help make natural connections within the community for all.

Have a look at the CLBC website to see what Innovation they are asking for: http://www.communitylivingbc.ca/individuals-families/top-ten-questions/what-work-is-clbc-doing-to-support-its-vision-and-mandate-for-inclusive-communities/

CLBC’s innovation framework asks people across the province to submit product, program, marketing and organizational innovations that improve the lives of people with developmental disabilities. The goal is sustainable, person focused approaches to developing, funding and implementing needed supports and services.

By Krystian Shaw

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