Cheyenne has now graduated and we are hoping that she can find employment.

This summer Cheyenne went to her first Summer Games in Abbotsford there she did five races in swimming and she came back with a bronze medal! She had fun there making friends and watching other races.

Over the summer Cheyenne has also been going to “Teen Works”, which is a program to help her find what she likes and does not like. They helped her work on her Resume and interview skills too.

Cheyenne went to her favorite camp, Camp YES! It is a Leadership camp and she always comes back feeling good about herself. Cheyenne has also volunteered at the Dragon Boat Festival in the past and had lots of fun there too.

Cheyenne really wanted to start a program at a local college but she was not accepted at this time, so she was not happy that she would be going back to school this year. Just around the time everyone was getting ready to go back to school Cheyenne got a call for a job interview. She went to the interview and got the job! She works two days a week for four hours each time.

Cheyenne has also been part of Big Brothers and Sisters for five years but because she is older now and will soon be 18, she will end being part of that organization. She will still get together with her Big Sister afterwards and she recently got to spend the day at WestJet.

Now she is back in school she takes the City Bus to school, no more Third Wave Bus! At school Cheyenne tried a computer class but it was hard so they moved her into a gym class and video class which she is happy with.

Before we know it Cheyenne will be able to be on PWD, and we can help teach her how to handle money. As we talk to Cheyenne and think about what she might do in life probably the next step will be looking at College or University. Cheyenne will also be going into swimming, soccer and track and field for the Special Olympics.

I am proud that Cheyenne will also be speaking with me at the Family Focus conference being held in Richmond next month. She knows that she does want to get married and have a family too, but won’t rush into it.

We believe in enjoying our lives to see where it takes us and we know we will always be there for Cheyenne!

By Michelle Goos

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