Yesterday I heard two people talking about immigration, they were against it. They feared the people and they feared for the economy and they feared for their safety.

Yesterday I saw a meme about immigration. People really angry at the direction that Canada has taken. We are losing our culture. Claims that someone somewhere wants to ban bacon. Seriously.

Yesterday I bought these chocolates. I was intrigued by the packaging and placement. It was in a section of local, Canadian made products and it said, “A Syrian family tradition” on the box.

I picked it up.

On the front was a picture of chocolates, the name of the company, Peace by CHOCOLATE, company establishment date, 1986 and the slogan ‘ONE PEACE WON’T HURT.’ On the back was the story of the company. “For more than 20 years we shipped our specialty treats all over the Middle Easst. Like much of our homeland, the Halal chocolate factory was destroyed in a bombing that forced our family to leave everything behind and flee. With the support of our new Canadian community in Antigonish and the people of Nova Scotia, we have rebuilt our chocolate company and are once again doing the work that we love.”

I opened the box.

I don’t eat sugar anymore but I was with people who were eager to try the chocolates in the box. The declared it either, ‘excellent,’ ‘really good,’ or ‘fabulous.’ It’s a good product.

So a family flees for their safety. Comes to Canada and creates jobs, pays taxes and makes a contribution to our life as a country and as a people.

Where’s the meme for that?

Where’s the talk about that?

People seem to want to disbelieve their own eyes, the evidence that immigration builds Canada. That contributions are made to our culture.

There are those that would tear at the fabric of Canada.

And call themselves patriots.

I love my Country. I worry for its future, not because of immigration but because of the entitlement of those who consider themselves, falsely, as ‘true, original, Canadians.’ Those that deny their status as children of immigrants who decry immigration.

A family.

Fleeing terror.

Now creating Peace, piece by piece.

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