Well it’s that time of year again where everyone gets stressed out because they cannot keep up with the Jones’ or the family drama.

When I was a kid we’d have a big X-Mas dinner at Gram’s or my home with family over. It was fun and it was like that for years until my grandparents started to pass away. My sister and I were getting older and it was okay for us, more time to play with our stuff and just hang out. As time went on my sister moved out but she still came home at X-Mas, my mom and dad still would try to make it fun.

Then I moved away to meet David and did not come home as much. We want to try a new X-Mas thing with his family and some friends too. Then we had Cheyenne and we still went back to mom and dads for X-Mas and they still made it a fun X-Mas for her while she grew up. Then we moved back to the Island and things were not the same.

My Dad and sister would come over just for a day before X-Mas or after depending on the weather and Cheyenne liked that. My mom and dad moved over here but it was like we lost the feeling for X-Mas, they tried for a bit and we would go for dinner at their place but it just did not feel right or happy just different.

So we were going just for Cheyenne, but one day I said let’s just do it for us with no family or stress and make it a happy time and do what we like, all the gift’s would still be for Cheyenne. I do miss the family time but now it is all stress free. Maybe we do not have a lot but we make do with what we have and enjoy it. As Cheyenne grows up and has a family maybe we will then be able to go there, at the minute we are enjoying ourselves as a family and that is what counts.

If you do not have a place to go over the holidays and feel alone there are places that will give you a free Christmas dinner or maybe you can ask a friend if you can do something together. It’s up to you but it does not have to be on December 25th, enjoy what you have and reach out to people, enjoy your friends and family too.

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