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Where everyone knows your name: a parent’s creativity and determination helps build a welcoming community

People recognize twenty-year-old Teaghan Collins everywhere he goes in Richmond. That’s thanks to a little determination and thinking outside the box work, says his mom Pam.

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Ready for the Future: How one family has found peace of mind through early, careful planning

“Our daughter Bree-Anna is an adult now, but our family started searching for a way to support her future needs when she was very young. The future has to be much more deliberately navigated; aging related changes sometimes have to be anticipated at a much earlier point in life,” say parents Terry and Gord Robertson.

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Quality of life survey expands across B.C.

CLBC is continuing to expand its survey of individuals’ quality of life in regions throughout B.C. this year. The survey, called include Me!, asks individuals CLBC serves how they would rate various aspects of their lives. The aim is to have a better understanding of individuals’ needs to provide improved supports and services.

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A matter for the board: Ensuring diverse voices are heard

“Being on the Editorial Board helped my son to get out of his box and realize he could do things himself, like fly to Vancouver,” says Linda Shaw, parent of former Editorial Board member Krystian Shaw. “It sparked his independence and made him feel proud of himself. It helped him to be able to express his own ideas and feel listened to.”

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CLBC facilitator loves her close-knit community: says families she serves are amazing

A naturally social person, Pam Fletcher, the Community Living BC facilitator in Port Alberni loves connecting with people in her community. It’s her way of helping others, and building networks to better support individuals and families.

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