Are you a great Public speaker?

Please read on!

Are you a great story teller? Do you love public speaking?
CLBC is looking for a Training Partner who is interested and willing to talk about things that are important to people who
receive services from CLBC.
Preference will be given to applicants who live with a developmental disability in the Vancouver and surrounding area where the orientation takes place.
We have an exciting opportunity for an individual to participate in CLBC’s employee orientation (called Our Common Purpose) by sharing your experience and discussing specific topics that affect individuals served by CLBC.
Our successful candidate possesses these attributes:
. An understanding of CLBC’s mission, vision and values
. Able to communicate in a clear and friendly manner
. Be comfortable speaking in front of a group
. Be flexible and enjoy working on a team
. Have good listening skills and be respectful of other people’s ideas
. Illustrate a dedication to creating positive and supportive working relation ships both in and outside CLBC
At CLBC we believe in and are committed to:
. Listening to you
. Respecting you
. Open and honest communication with you
. Learning from you
.Recognizing your strengths
We’d like to know how you have experienced these commitments in your life .
Training will be provided to you and we will work with your job coach to learn the necessary skills, offer guidance to prepare and support you during your work with CLBC’s Organization Development team.
Minimal travel is required. Our request of time commitment will be approximately 6 to 10 hours per month for 2 years.
How to apply:
Send a letter to Jaime Willows telling us:
. Why you are interested in becoming a Training Partner
. What your thoughts and feelings are about confidentiality and privacy, individual rights,
the self-advocacy movement, and full citizenship.
Please send your submissions to Jaimie Willows at
quoting competition 2018.027 by February 21, 2018