8881061 May 13th, 2015

Community Living British Columbia (CLBC) is moving forward with a plan that aims over the next five years

to strengthen home share residential services for individuals with developmental disabilities in B.C.

Home sharing is currently the most frequently used residential service among those served by CLBC, supporting about 3,500 people in the province. It is a flexible residential option where an adult with a developmental disability shares a home with someone contracted to provide support. Where there is a good fit between an individual and a home share provider, it can be the most effective option for supporting people to be included in their communities and live independently.


The plan responds to recommendations made by an external review conducted to help CLBC respond to an increase in demand. Among other things, it will:

  • improve information for individuals and families to help them assess this option
  • create more online training resources for home providers, agencies and CLBC staff
  • implement a new home study certification course with the Justice Institute for agencies and CLBC staff who approve and monitor home share arrangements
  • develop new monitoring and evaluation guidelines to increase safety and quality of support



clbc CLBC commissioned Dr. Anne Hughson of the University of Calgary to conduct a comprehensive quality assurance review of CLBC’s home share services. Dr. Hughson’s report, CLBC Home Share Review, and its recommendations were released in February 2014 and found CLBC’s minimum standards for home sharing services far exceed those found elsewhere in Canada. It also found that, where there is a good match, home sharing options in B.C. provide a high quality of support to adults with developmental disabilities.

In the past year CLBC has taken initial steps to update its handbook for home share providers, develop new information to families, and create the new home study certification course with the Justice Institute, which is set to begin in May 2015.


To see next steps, download the full Home Share Review Response: 5 Year Plan. CLBC will be sharing it with individuals and families and service providers and welcomes feedback to help improve resources, training and support to ensure home sharing services in B.C. continue to create positive outcomes for individuals and families.


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