Community Living BC’s (CLBC) CEO Seonag Macrae has announced plans to retire effective April 1, 2019.


“I want to thank Seonag for her leadership for nearly five years,” said Michael Prince, Chair of CLBC’s Board of Directors. “She has without a doubt accomplished a great deal on several fronts for CLBC.”

Ms. Macrae took over the CEO post in August 2014. Among her accomplishments, said the CLBC board chair, were establishing a strong senior team and working with staff and stakeholders to build an effective strategic plan to improve services for individuals with developmental disabilities.

“Seonag came to CLBC with a strong track record of executive leadership in the health sector in Ontario,” said Dr. Prince. “Coming from outside our sector, it is clear that she worked hard and effectively to understand the needs of individuals and families, and to establish credibility for CLBC with its partners.”

“I have been fortunate to have been given this opportunity,” said CEO Seonag Macrae. “I enjoyed every chance I had to meet the individuals we serve, and to work with our committed service providers and partners to build inclusion. I also want to share my deep appreciation for CLBC’s dedicated staff. I hope I have been able to help build some pride in the very important work of CLBC.”

CLBC’s Board has begun the work of finding a new CEO for the organization as quickly as possible.


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Statement by that CLBC CEO is Retiring in April


Yes Seonag Macrae will be missed by all at .
All self advocates that have worked with her she was supportive to the creation of editorial board that sans and CLBC joined in creating thank you for that Seonag Macrae .
Also to the refresh of CLBC and new meaning CLBC needed to go.
And we will miss you good luck on next adventure hope can visit us once in while.
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