clbc275x200Community Living BC (CLBC) delivers supports and services to eligible adults with developmental disabilities and their families across British Columbia. On this page you can find the latest events and updates about Community Living BC.

CLBC’s CEO Seonag Macrae and Self Advocate Advisor Jessica Humphrey also send out regular email messages to self advocates across BC to keep us updated on recent news.

The CLBC Editorial Board was created in 2013. The CLBC Editorial Board is made up of self advocates and community living leaders from across the province.

The role of the Editorial Board is to work with CLBC to improve communication with the people CLBC serves and ensure meaningful participation

of individuals and families in the on-going work of CLBC. Help Wanted: Currently, the CLBC Editorial Board is looking for new members.

Click here to learn more, and to apply

If you have a question about Community Living BC supports, services or anything else you want to know, please.

Also can check out CLBC Strategic Plan

The CLBC Strategic Plan outlines Community Living British Columbia’s direction from 2017until 2020.

The plan was developed in consultation with individuals, families, service providers and other community partners, and is reviewed annually. CLBC is committed to working collaboratively with its many partners and to bringing other community organizations and leaders into the process as we execute this strategic plan.


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This video explains who Community Living BC is and who the  organization its supports .



Community Living BC Organization Values


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Also, you can visit this page to read all of the archived email messages.


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