Consent Form – Collection and Use of Photos, Videos and Stories

  • How collects and uses personal information collects personal information about people in the form of stories, photos and videos. shares this information:

    • on our website and social media pages that can be accessed on the public internet.

    The reasons collects and shares this personal information include:

    • to share information about supports and services
    • to profile people supports and their families
    • to support training follows British Columbia’s privacy law that is called the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, or FOIPPA. Under Section 26 (d) of FOIPPA, CLBC gets permission from people to collect personal information and, under Section 33.1 (1)(b), to share their personal information inside or outside of Canada.  After the information is appears on a website, it becomes public.

    My consent

  • Consent form - Use of Photos, Videos and Stories

    • By submitting my name below, I agree that I have read all of the information on this page. I give consent for the website to collect and use my personal information in the ways described above for no cost or compensation or claim of rights. I give consent that my personal information may be stored and viewed inside and outside of Canada.
    • MM slash DD slash YYYY

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