Do you have a question about the services Community Living BC provides to self advocates? Do you need to get in touch with a CLBC representative or advisor? You can do so in one of two ways:

Visit the Community Living BC website to browse and learn more about the organization. You can visit the CLBC website at also can visit them on facebook at CLBC Start with Hi and Stay Connected

Get in touch with Jessica Humphrey, CLBC’s Self Advocate Advisor . Jessica works with CLBC staff to find ways for the voice and priorities of self advocates to always be included in the work of CLBC, as well as in other parts of community. She is available to help answer questions about CLBC. She works in close partnership with the Family Partnership Advisor, and the Aboriginal Advisor, where together they are a resource and liaison for both self-advocates, their families, and CLBC staff. Please feel welcome to ask Jessica a question by emailing!

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