Corporate Greed vs. Special Needs Kids
I hate Telus.
Communication should be a right these days, not a privilege. And this should of been the case before 2000. And Telus, I think, has too high of a hook -up charge. And I had to get someone to co-sign for me just to get it. And if I don’t have Telus, will I be able to get 911? I think Telus is about corporate greed. I hate corporate greed. I think Mister Campbell should keep his promises about protecting health care and education. There was talk about closing a hospital in Kimberley.
Is that health care when you need it, where you need it? And a lot of the school boards are laying off teacher aids to balance the books. What are special need students going to do? Have to beg the overworked special education teacher for help? Fail regular classes if the student is higher functioning? Mister Campbell, maybe there should be cuts to honour classes
at secondary schools and give those cuts to the special need kids. Thanx.

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