DABC-TaxAid August 2016


In June, we sent you an update about the changes to the bus pass program for people receiving the Persons with Disabilities benefit (PWD).

These changes begin on September 1st 2016.

We thought you would find it useful to see the new PWD rate system as it incorporates the $52 Transportation Support Allowance.

This table shows the new maximum support, shelter, and transportation support allowance rates for PWD recipients.

Please note that the two amounts in the “Benefits Total,” column indicate the different amounts a person will receive with and without the cash Transportation Support Allowance.

Household Size

and Type

Support Shelter Maximum Transportation Support Allowance Benefits


Single Person $556.42 $375.00 $52.00 *$983.42


Couple: One receives PWD $725.56 $570.00 $52.00 $1,347.56


Couple: Both receive PWD $999.06 $570.00 $104.00 $1,673.06


Two-parent family: One child, one person receives PWD $819.56 $660.00 $52.00 $1,531.56


Two-parent family: One child, both receive PWD $1,093.06 $660.00 $104.00 $1,857.06


One-parent family: one child $697.08 $570.00 $52.00 $1,319.08


*PWD recipient takes Transportation Support Allowance in cash

**PWD recipient uses Transportation Support Allowance for a bus pass



People who receive the Comforts Allowance, Room and Board, or PWD top-up will receive the $25 increase and have the choice between a bus pass or

the Transportation Support Allowance in cash.


And just as a reminder from our last update, PWD recipients can switch back and forth between the bus pass and the Transportation Allowance.

To do this they need to contact the Ministry by the 5th of the previous month to let them know (e.g. contact the Ministry by October 5th to start or stop the bus pass for November).


Three ways to contact the Ministry about the Bus Pass


By Phone: Monday to Friday, 9 am – 4 pm, 1-866-866-0800.


By Email:  The BC Bus Pass Program at SDSIBUSPA@gov.bc.ca. Allow up to five business days to receive an email response.


Online via My Self Serve: My Self Serve at www.myselfserve.gov.bc.ca, once registered.



If you have any questions about this information, please contact Advocacy Access Program Director Sam Turcott at 604-872-12

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