Cheryl FryfieldBy Cheryl Fryfield

cheryl I would like to talk about online safety dating tips for a person with a diversability. My experiences being online have been both good and bad.

I’ve made mistakes along the way but have learned from them. When you are meeting people online, or anywhere else,

don’t give out your phone number right away or your address. One time I gave out my number before meeting the person.

The person said some unpleasant things to me and I had to change my phone number. This was a very expensive lesson.

It cost me $25.00 to change my number! You can use emails and Facebook to get to know someone first.

And if someone is bothering you on your email or Facebook you can report and block them.
You can give out your personal info after meeting the person a few times, and if you feel comfy about it too.

When you are ready to meet face to face pick a public place during daytime hours. Let a friend know you are safe with a secret text or message.

Have a different word, if something goes wrong. You don’t really have to say you have a diversability either at first.

Let the other person discover who are – if there is chemistry that’s great! It’s the 21’st century and I think society has mellowed over the years.

Your looks, your financial income, and where you live aren’t the most important things about a person.

I am someone with a diversability and I have been out with men who don’t have a diversability.

We had good times together. If you have something in common your differences should not matter.

If it doesn’t work out you still could end up having a good friend.

A popular website for meeting others is

You have to be over 19 to join. It has a wide variety of interest groups.

For example, they have a 20’s and 30’s single’s group, a walking group and a toast master’s speaking group.
Even though online dating is becoming more popular I still find it hard to meet people.

But I keep putting myself out there, both online and at social gatherings. I am not giving up on finding love.
Good luck to you in your search for love!

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