image.pngJill is a Self Advocate living in Abbotsford BC. She has a long history of writing an Advice column called Dear Jill. Send her a question to get a reply.

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Keeping the same Girlfriend

Dear Jill
I find it hard to keep the same girlfriend for more than a month. My mom says I should give up on girls but I think I have not found the right girl for me yet, What do you think? Tommy

Dear Tommy,
I know what you mean. Covid has made dating much tougher. I think you should start with the basics. Spruce yourself up. Good hygiene goes a long way. Focus on the other person. give it a try.
Take care,

Starting School - big Concerns

Dear Jill,
My son is about to start school. His name is Tim. I am afraid he will be teased for his size. What can I do to help.
Suzy from Calgary

Dear Suzy,
You should talk to the principal about your concerns, The school can probably link Tim up with some older students to mentor him and look out for him.
Take care,

Diets make me Anxious

Dear Jill,
This is hard to write about. I am quite over weight and I am getting teased at school. I have tried losing weight but this makes me anxious and when I get anxious I eat more. What do you suggest

Dear Bob,
This is a good question, Bob. I have found that getting help from Weight Watchers or exercising with friends is the best approach.
Take care

Walking the Dog

Dear Jill,
I got a dog for Christmas. How often should I take it for a walk?

Dear Tom,
You should take your dog for a walk at least 2 times a day.
Good luck

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