Ben and Krystian are putting on a fund raiser for CNIB.

They thought it would be fun to have a dinner called Dining in the Dark.
It’s hard to really know what it’s like to be blind and how awkward it can be to do  regular  things such as eating.
So at the fundraiser, everyone will have a blindfold on while eating dinner.
The event will be on March 15th at 5 PM at Frick and Frack.
Tickets are sold at the CNIB office or from Ben or Krystian for $20. 
Dinner will include Caesar Salad with a choice of a cheese burger, chicken or veggie burger.
After dinner, blindfolds can come off and entertainment will follow.
First, a couple will sing some contemporary music and then a half hour Elvis Tribute Show will follow. 
 To contact Krystian for further info, you can contact him at