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Susan’s Sex Support
This website is for people with little knowledge about sexuality. It is used by people with disabilities. teenagers, and others. It has a place where people can ask any question they want about sexuality. The questions will be answered by Susan who is a sex counselor, a person with a disability, a parent of a self-advocate, and is a disability activist. You can find links to other sites about sexuality issues. There is a link to a Yahoo discussion group Susan moderates. Susan’s resume is on the site if you want to check her out. You can also email Susan privately. In the spring of 2003 there will be a safer sex store, too.
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Disability and sexuality
Practically all issues of development – from water and housing to violence and sexuality – affect women and men somewhat differently.
Category | Disability and sexuality
The Sexual Health Network
Disability and Illness Introduction: Disability or illness can potentially impact any aspect of a person’s sexuality. People with a disability or living with an illness may wonder whether they can have children, if their partners will stay with them, if anyone will find them sexually desirable, or if they will ever enjoy sex again. Sexual-esteem or positive regard for and confidence in one’s ability to experience sexuality in a satisfying and enjoyable way may be shattered for a person with a disability. Many assume, incorrectly, that sexual intimacy is no longer possible due to sensation loss in the genitals. As a result, some may decide to ignore sexuality issues because they believe they no longer apply to them; others will seek out any opportunity to restore sexual-esteem. Questions, concerns, and feelings of anger about our sexuality are natural after disability or illness. seeks to dispel myths about sexuality and provide the most accurate information about sexuality and disability or illness possible.
Category | Disability and sexuality
My Life My Choice
An online resource center focusing on healthy relationships, sexuality and prevention of abuse for people with developmental disabilities.
Category | Disability and sexuality
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