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Post job ads for free on Job Bank and market them to interested persons with disabilities. Recruit persons with disabilities


we value a healthy inclusive community and strive to work together with community partners to encourage a culture of acceptance, accountability, accessibility and diversity. This allows individuals to benefit economically and socially in their community.

Operating since 1997 and recognized as a charity since 2008, we have been educating Fraser Valley organizations and the general public regarding varying disabilities, supports, training and vocational services. We are member driven, though events are open also to non-members. Our members are organizations which provide services and support to people with varying disabilities, especially in the fields of employment preparedness and employment supports.


Plain Language participant workbook. A guide to clear, effective communication. Saskatchewan. Literacy. Network …. If health and safety procedures are confusing or complex, people might not read or understand them.


The Disability is Natural web site is brought to you by BraveHeart Press, the family-owned business of Kathie Snow. The mission of this site is to encourage new ways of thinking about disability and to help create a society in which all people are valued and included.



The Disability History Project is a community history project and we welcome your participation. This is an opportunity for disabled people to reclaim our history and determine how we want to define ourselves and our struggles. People with disabilities have an exciting and rich history that should be shared with the world. Please email us about anything that you would like to see become part of the Disability Social History Project, including your disabled heroes, important events in disability history, and resources.


The Fraser Valley Regional Library this website is where you can find information about books and resources for people with disabilities



This is a great survival guide on Special Education written by Pam amd Peter Wright


The Federal Internship Program for Canadians with Disabilities is a national program that offers internships to Canadians with disabilities. Interns will have the opportunity to develop their work skills and increase their employability.

This program will offer 2-year internship opportunities in the federal public service to 125 persons with disabilities between 2019 and 2024. The program works with the Canadian Association of Supported Employment (CASE) and employment agencies across the country to identify candidates.


BC Disability.com has a full directory of employment like check out  is also available as a downloadable PDF.

The Survival Guide for Specially-abled kids

Unless you are reading this guide to help another kid with special needs, you probably have a physical disability/challenge and must be thinking no one understands what it feels like to be you. Yes, nobody might know what it’s like to be you but you’re not alone. There’re many kids like you out there. Wondering if you can learn to cope with your challenges and get along with everyone else?Here’s how…

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We are a bunch of people who love digging a product hard until we find the breaking point, all done only to help our readers save time.

From anything new in the tech to the latest gardening device, We cover a range of products from a variety of different domains. Everything because we love our job of sorting things out for our readers. Any review you read here is handcrafted keeping in mind a variety of different factors.


Renaissance Group

This web site is designed for general education teachers, special education teachers, parents, and school staff to help provide some answers about how inclusive education can be accomplished. Resources for making accommodations are included as well as links to other web sites and resource lists for learning more about inclusive education.


J. P. Das Developmental Disabilities Centre

Welcome to the University of Alberta Developmental Disabilities Centre. The DDC is a research and training centre located within the Department of Educational Psychology in the Faculty of Education at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada. The DDC began operation in 1967. The mission of the DDC is to provide research, training, and some clinical services to people with developmental disabilities. Developmental disabilities include disorders that affect learning that are present at birth or originate during childhood years. Global developmental disabilities affect all areas of learning while specific developmental disabilities may affect only one or a few areas of learning (e.g., reading or attention disorders). DDC staff conduct research in a broad range of areas related to children and adults with developmental disabilities.


NADD is for persons with disabilites

NADD is the leading North American expert in providing professionals, educators, policy makers, and families with education, training, and information on mental health issues relating to persons with intellectual or developmental disabilities.


British Columbia Ministry of Education

Goal: The goal of the BC school system is to support the intellectual development of all students, including those with special needs. Enabling all students to achieve the goals of human, social and career development is a responsibility shared by schools, families and the community.


Plain Language Online Training

Site includes helpful tips and techniques for improving your communication skills with the use of plain language.


STUDENT AFFAIRS Services for Students with Disabilities

Northwestern University is proud to welcome and support a diverse student body. By removing some of the barriers to education that students with disabilities often experience, we hope to create a learning environment that encourages and challenges all students. Northwestern University provides a variety of services to assist students with disabilities in becoming active members of the University community. Services vary according to the type and level of impairment experienced by each student. The majority of these services are coordinated by the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD).


The IRIS Center for Faculty Enhancement

The IRIS Center is a national center that aims to provide high-quality resources for college and university faculty and professional development providers about students with disabilities. IRIS seeks to obtain this goal by providing free, online, interactive training enhancements that translate research about the education of students with disabilities into practice.


An Everyday Ordinary Life

Everyday Ordinary Lives Group: We are family and friends of people with developmental disabilities who want to live an everyday, ordinary life in their own homes, neighbourhoods and communities. We are committed to helping them achieve this.


Erickson’s College

Our mission is to be instrumental in the empowerment of individuals, and to educate excellent facilitators of change. Erickson College provides courses in executive and personal coaching, advanced human change technologies, and effective psychotherapy.

Disability study programs:
Canadian universities The Centre for Research on Work Disability Policy (CRWDP) is a transdisciplinary initiative on the future of work disability policy in Canada.


Unemployed Action Centre Society

Advocacy services for: employment insurance, landlord/tenant, income assistance, Canada PP, disability, and employment standards.

General anti-poverty advocacy available.
250-627-8776 / advocate.pruac@citywest.ca


Progressive Intercultural Community Services Society

PICS provides clients with services such as employment programs and counseling, immigration and settlement information, language training, drug/alcohol counseling and seniors housing.


Canadian Business SenseAbility

We are an organization created by business for business. We help companies access the real, tangible benefits of employing talented people with disabilities: lower turnover, training and safety costs, greater innovation, and access to untapped markets.

Good help is getting harder to find.  Don’t limit your search in any way. There are skilled people with disabilities ready and able to work today – half with post-secondary education and training. When you open your door wider, you don’t lower the bar. You reap the benefits in better business performance.

Education funding for people with disabilities

Government of Canada  links to services, benefits and programs to assist people with disabilities and their families.

Cerebral Palsy Group

Cerebral Palsy Group is a national organization that was created so that it may serve the individuals and families who have been diagnosed with cerebral palsy. We are here to provide information and support so that we may help provide resources and education to those affected by Cerebral Palsy

Career Guide for College Students with Disabilities


Accessible Employers

Finding a career after graduating college can be a daunting prospect for many students, but it can be especially challenging for students with disabilities. These students face challenges associated with a lack of career counseling, discriminatory hiring practices, a fear of disclosing disabilities during the application or interviewing process for a job, and inadequate education regarding disability rights.

Hiring individuals with disabilities is good for business. BC businesses of all sizes – small and large – are challenged finding and keeping good employees. People with disabilities represent an important employee talent pool that is largely untapped. We invite you to join the Community of Accessible Employers to learn about the benefits of an accessible, inclusive workplace.

In 2013, the BC Government supported a Presidents Group – a network of change-driven BC business leaders who are champions for more accessible, inclusive workplaces. The group represents businesses of all different sizes and sectors.

In 2018, the Presidents Group launched the Community of Accessible Employers to invite employers and business owners around the province to join the inclusive employment movement. Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions to learn why and how you can join this growing community.


Transitioning Youth with Disabilities and Employment

The TYDE Project is a research project of key partners committed to improving the employment outcomes of transitioning youth

A Guide to Supporting STEM Education for Students With Disabilities

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Fields that fall into the STEM category typically account for a wide swath of professions that offer excellent pay and prestige, as well as an opportunity to impact significant societal innovations. STEM professions are also increasingly sought after for their job security, due to sweeping technological upgrades such as automation rendering many labor and service jobs obsolete, while increasing demand for technology professionals.

Given the security and positive attention associated with these professions, this workforce shift is an opportunity to promote egalitarianism through diverse representation in STEM fields. However, unfortunately, many factors have limited access to these fields for many demographics, including people with disabilities. However, with support and cultivation of interest from a young age, people with disabilities may be able to benefit from a more fair footing in terms of pursuing a STEM career.


How to Teach Children About Disabilities and Inclusion”guide published by Baylor University. 

This resource discusses the importance of teaching youth to share and accept others’ differences and explains how to build an inclusive culture for children. It also outlines age-appropriate ways to teach children about disabilities and strategies for fostering empathy and understanding in a social environment. 

Accessibility and video games: All ages gaming for people with disabilities

Video games offer a very unique opportunity for people who may have a mental or physical disability that they wouldn’t otherwise have and can be extremely useful for building social skills, exploring creative avenues, and educational in an easy format which can be utilized in the comfort of your own home.


Career Guide for People With Disabilities

As a person with a disability, you may hesitate to look for work. You can be unsure whether or not to make a disability known when applying for employment.

In today’s job market, however, that shouldn’t be an issue. A disability doesn’t prevent you from having the job of your dreams. The job market accommodates people with a wide range of qualifications, passions, talents, and abilities.

Opportunities can be found in all fields: nursing, business, media, technology, law, social sciences – you name it. There are people with disabilities working in almost all industries.

Read on to find everything you need to know about navigating the pathway to employment as an individual with a disability.

This guide is mainly for our US readers, but there’s useful advice for everyone else as well.

In this guide you will find:
  • Job-Search 101 – All You Need to Know
  • Know Your Rights – All You Need to Know About ADA
  • 73+ Careers for People With Disabilities
  • Top 9 Job Sites for People With Disabilities
  • FAQ – Everything You Need to Know
  • Other Resources


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