AnastasiaAnastasia is a young woman with both visual and hearing challenges who works part time at Cowell Motors in Richmond as an administrative assistant. Finding a job has been a life changing experience and has opened up opportunities for new connections, as well as increasing her confidence and independence.


Anastasia emigrated with her family from the Ukraine when she was 12 years old. A joyful heart and a love of family, people and community are apparent in all her actions and decisions. Anastasia loves the feeling of being helpful and values responsibility.


When she first starting looking for a job through the Richmond Society for Community Living employment program, Anastasia showed a clear interest and aptitude for organizing, but was not sure whether she had sufficient skills to hold a paid job in the community. Previously, she had volunteered at the Deaf Blind Services and the Women’s Resource Centre; going through the discovery and vocational planning process increased her confidence, and helped her find the right job.


After searching for the right opportunity over for a few months, Anastasia landed a position in November 2012 at Cowell Motors as an office assistant. She enters work order data into the computer and sorts and scans documents into a computerized filing system. Her employer made a few minor modifications, like increasing the font on her computer and moving the screen closer, to help accommodate her visual needs.


Her employer is very pleased with Anastasia. She performs all her job tasks with accuracy, speed and a positive attitude. She puts in a consistent effort and her productivity is good. Her employer, Cowell Motors, has been good supporter of the Richmond Society for Community Living employment program. The company understands the advantages of having a diverse workforce, and they model inclusiveness and a celebration of abilities to all employees.