DarylDaryl is a talented artist who actively participates in posAbilities yearly Art Show, celebrating his aboriginal heritage through his artwork.


When starting employment classes at Vancouver Employment Service a year ago Daryl quickly shared three things: 1. He loved to draw; 2. He was non-verbal; 3: he wanted to work.  So in exploring job opportunities, his Employment Specialist at posAbilities knew Daryl needed to be in a work environment where he could celebrate his artistic side, have a supportive employer who would be open to learning new ways to communicate with Daryl and his employer be able to offer flexible competitive employment.


When Little Caesar’s Pizza enquired if VES had anyone interested in a Sign-Holding position, the initial reaction was no. Who wants to wave a sign around?  However, in exploring the opportunity further, the employer was open to learning more about Daryl and supporting his communication style, allowing Daryl the opportunity to listen to music while he worked which he enjoys; and most importantly paying the minimum wage of $10.25 per hour with a perk of free pizza! Other plusses include Daryl’s employment is close to his home and his shifts accommodate his desire to pursue his artistic talents.


We look forward to seeing more of Daryl’s artwork, while he maintains his competitive employment with Little Caesar’s.