Community Living BC is pleased to support an important resource offered by the Family Support Institute (FSI). FSI has created an online resource database called that connects families and individuals living with diverse abilities  to more than 4,000 governmental and non-governmental resources in almost every region of British Columbia.

Find Support BC was launched in 2015, with a small grant from CLBC, and every effort was taken to make sure the database would be an easy to use trusted online resource for families. When developing the site, FSI brought focus groups together at every stage of site development. Because of these efforts, CLBC has heard from many individuals and families that the data base has been a successful tool and central access point for locating programs and activities that range from assistive technology, recreation, and housing options to funding, financial security, and government programs and services.

“This website has been a great tool for families” said Angela Clancy, Executive Director of FSI. “We worked painstakingly for more than three years to make sure we could provide easier access to the appropriate services and supports that families are looking for.”

In addition to the multiple resources found on the site, users will be able to access the recently added Transitions Timeline that provides checklists, priority areas and steps families should take and what services and supports may be available to them specific to transitioning youth.


“One of the things we have heard is how much families appreciate how user-friendly the site is,” says Jack Styan, CLBC Vice President for Strategic Initiatives. “I want to recognize FSI for this work and make sure individuals and families are aware of this great resource.”

The site also has the ability for the public to add resources.  “We know not all resources are entered onto the site – so we added a section for people to add to it themselves by clicking the, ‘add a resource’ button. This way, it becomes a community developed site. We are also looking at adding templates for planning tools,” said Angela.

Please visit the site and check it out for yourself at:

Access the transition timeline link here: www.findsupportbc/timeline.

The Family Support Institute (FSI) strengthens and supports families faced with the extraordinary circumstances that come with having a family member who has a disability. Directed by families, the Family Support Institute provides information, training, and province-wide networking to assist families and their communities to build upon and share their strengths. For more information on the Family Support Institute visit their website at:

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