Hi my name is James Sonsteby  and I would like to share a little about me.


After many family problems, I finally decided to move out of my home.

I am now truly happy about my life choice. I have done plenty for lost time! Over the last year or so.

I have shopped on my own with no help, I have learned to the take public bus,

I visit my friends independently and also have them over for pizza in the “swinging singles room”.

I have also learned to do my own banking. But most importantly, I make all my decisions on my own.

I want to tell you all of a recent experience. Three days after moving out, I asked my caregiver to go out on my own and she said “yes”.

Anyway, when I walked outside I breathed in freedom.

That’s right, my first taste of REAL FREEDOM!! Ask me how I feel now, I say still shaking.

Humor is important to have a better day. I am in four programs, Explore, Opportunities Society, Home share and Special Olympics.

When I do have spare time I love to go bowling. I started in the mid 90’s and I am proud to say I’m working my way up, best score 240!
Anyway, back to my new found freedom…At times you will be lonely, so find comfort in family and friends.

I know caregivers are not family but after a while they feel like family. If you have trouble with something or you just forgot, ask someone you trust.

It is important to have a healthy relationship with yourself to live a happy life!


Jump into new opportunities!



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