Hi, my name is Shawn Ferland and I want to tell you about my happy life.

I have a good relationship with my big family in this world because I have a good lifestyle and my program teaches me stuff.  Everybody can learn greatness and be able to choose the right things at home or on the bus or at programs or work.

For me, I like to avoid troubles, not to have conflict and to act kindly.  I have best friends and we have a great friendship I love my home and I want to do my best in life. I have good dreams and hopes. I have friends like our neighbours, they are part of our thoughts and they have become a special friend and family.

I have great baseball friends and we play hard and do our best, we got 3rd place. These are my team members and I will never give up on them, I care for them and love them. I hope they also have a good life.

I am happy because I am part of a group, with the self-advocates, all the people in my program, I never had anyone before my group and I now have all the people there and I have a better way to think about understanding and what is right and wrong.

I like to stand up for my feelings and be close to my feelings and improve my ways and be proud of myself.  I learned to stand up for myself and be professional. I was thinking a lot and I want to be gentle with my friendships.

My family is a great support and I love my dogs King, Cody and Lexi and our cat Squishy.

I follow the dream inside my heart.


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