New Editorial Board members talk about what good health and well-being means to them:



“Going to places in our community where we feel safe and welcome and not judged.”

Rob Tippe








“Going to many different events in community, like poetry readings.”

Aine Rathwell








ryankenny-web“Doing things that are personally fun and enjoyable in your community.”

Ryan Kenny (Williams Lake)










Hello! We are the CLBC Editorial Board made up of self advocates and Community Living leaders from across the province. Our role is to work with CLBC to improve communication with the people they serve. Working together on this magazine has been one opportunity to share with CLBC about what we think is important. The Editorial Board also provides feedback and suggestions on projects and new initiatives that CLBC is working on.

In this edition we are proud to recognize and celebrate International Day of Persons with Disabilities (or what some of us like to say, Diverse ABILITIES), which recently took place on December 3. The theme for this year’s International Day was “Achieving 17 Goals for the Future We Want.” We have chosen to focus this edition on stories related to goal #3, which is “Good Health and Well-Being.”

For us, good health and well-being is more than just physical health. It’s about feeling good about who you are and what you have to offer the world. We are excited to share stories from around the province about how being connected and contributing to your community is good for your mental health and helps to build confidence and self esteem.

For many of us, giving back to our community is one way we can show our abilities and be recognized for what we have to offer no matter what our label. We believe our communities are full of opportunities for healthy living whether it be dancing at a club downtown, volunteering at the Boys and Girls club or joining a Meet Up group to play Frisbee. The more we are connected to people and places in our community, the healthier we’ll be.

We’d like to thank all the members of the self advocacy community and others with diverse abilities who contributed their stories to our magazine. We’d also like to thank all of you who partnered with your community on December 3 to celebrate International Day for Persons with Disabilities.

As always, we look forward to your feedback and suggestions for the next edition of Celebrate Diverse ABILITIES.


The CLBC Editorial Board

CLBC Editorial Board Members are: Ryan Kenny (Williams Lake), Alex Li (Vancouver), John O’Neill (Nelson), Jhenna Owen (Kamloops), Aine Rathwell (Vancouver), Tamara Russell (Parksville) and Rob Tippe (Revelstoke).

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