David Johnson is a self advocate who lives in Dawson Creek BC.  David has been involved in the community living movement for many years and is currently President of BC People First – one of the province’s largest self advocate organizations.  Recently David made a presentation to his local City Council on behalf of people with diverse abilities in his community.  The result was front page news in the local Dawson Creek paper.  Click here for a copy of the story and read an article below from David about his experience.

By: David Johnston

Brian Johnson speaks to Dawson Creek city council.

David Johnson speaks to Dawson Creek city council.

The reason I went to the city council is that I want to know about BC Peoples first because they did not now that we are excited. I even wanted them to know it was run by people with diverse abilities. I even wanted them to know what issues are important to our group in our community and those issues are like accessibility, employment, low cost housing, the IQ, the wait list to get service through CLBC, transition for youth coming out of school, transportation, dental and going to optometrist.

We want to have a open communication with city council and to partner with them in the near future. So I invited the Mayor and City Council, the Newspaper, TV and media so they can learn about our local Peoples First group so they know we are part of the community and so the whole community knows that we are part of the community and that they learn and see what we do through the group and what issues are important to us.   Plus we want to get the youth with people with different kind of diverse abilities to join our group and be member so they can carry on the movement when we are not around.

Link to article: http://www.northeastnews.ca/dawson-creek-accessibility-concerns-people-first/


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