imagesSmell gas?

Remember these simple steps.

  1. Smell rotten eggs? Or if you hear the sound of escaping gas, it could be natural gas. Stop what you’re doing. Do not use your cellphone or landline, don’t smoke, light matches or operate electrical switches or create any other source of ignition.
  2. Go outside. As you exit, leave the door open behind you as well as any windows that may already be open.
  3. Call us. Once outside, use your cell or smartphone to call FortisBC’s 24-hour Emergency Line at or 911.

What does natural gas smell like?

Rotten eggs: a bad smell for a good reason

Natural gas and piped propane smell like rotten eggs or sulphur. Natural gas is actually odourless, but we add trace amounts of a chemical called mercaptan, which has a distinctive rotten egg or sulphur-like odour. It smells bad for a good reason! In case of a leak, we want you to be able to detect and identify it.

Smell gas? Call us

Smell rotten eggs? Go outside and call our emergency line:​

Propane safety

​Like any other fuel gas, propane must be handled with care and can be dangerous if leaked or spilled.

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