I have been on my own before over the years on and off. I lived with my mother on my own for one year as well.

I took over the role as caregiver for my mother as I loved her very much. It was a lot to do on my own and very challenging because of my own diversabilities, It took me a long time to understand her needs and also to be patient. I wrote everything down so that helped me keep track of how she was doing or what I needed to do.

It was ok for the first few months, but then it got more difficult as my mom wasn’t cooperating that much. She wasn’t eating, taking her pills or showering as she should. My older brother did help too at times; he came up with some ideas that helped make it easier for me too. But I had to do the majority of the care for mom.

All my devotion was towards my mother. Each day I would come straight home right after work. I am not a fancy cook but I made all the meals for her and did the laundry etc. But after a while even with my care I would find my mother was in bed a lot and it made me think that something was wrong. I told my brother and he tried to make some suggestions to help.

We then were able to get a Social Worker involved she came for a visit to see what was going on and what the issues were and that really helped. It was a big relief for me to know mom was able to go into a senior’s home.

For the year I looked after mom I put my life on hold. It made me feel really good that I was able to look after her and I know she appreciated it.

By Cheryl Fryfield

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