IMG_20150702_134558web-Winners_9185Written by Robyn Appleton


I was involved with TYES in 2006 and they helped me get my job at Winners at Tillicum Mall.

When I first went to Winners I wasn’t sure yet about how I would do in this job.

I never worked in a big store like this before.

I went to the warehouse, took clothes out of the boxes and laid them out into piles.

I got to see all the new stuff. Before I went out on the floor I got to meet my supervisors and managers.

They were all really nice and helpful. They have a great team, big hearts and they love their staff. I love being part of this team!

When I was there for five years I got my five year pin and plaque. I was excited and proud to have been there for five years.

While I have been at Winner I have learned different tasks in the store and have more responsibilities.

I feel like I am more assertive since I started this job and I talk more to other people.

I love my job because I get to meet many people and help out the customers.

It is also nice getting a paycheque twice per month. This money give me a chance to buy myself treats and things that I like.

I can also buy gifts for other people with it. If I could change anything with this job it would be to get more hours.

I am still working at Winners and next May I will have been there for ten years. All I can say is that it is a really great team.

I hope that I will have many more years at Winners.

I am looking forward to having my ten year party with Community Living Victoria who is now support me at Winners.

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