How come whenever I see three people together, two walking and one pushing the wheelchair, I never see the person in the wheelchair being anywhere but in front of the pusher and the other walker beside the pusher? I never see the ‘non-pusher’ walking beside the person in the wheelchair.

How come when I see a couple of staff out with a group of people with intellectual disabilities, I always see the people with disabilities trailing behind the staff, looking as if attached by an invisible tether?

How come when I go to inclusive events people with disabilities aren’t really ever actually included, bot other forming islands of isolation around the room?

How are we supposed to expect any kind of success at ‘community’ when we ourselves model exclusion all the freaking time?

We left his communication board at home.

I know what he always has, I’ll just order for him, it will be quicker.

My guys need me to speak up for them.

How are we supposed to expect any kind of success at self advocacy if we constantly get in the way of the every day use of voice?

Here let me help with that.

Just sit back and relax, I’ll take care of that for you.

It’d be faster if I just did it.

How are we supposed to encourage full participation in a full life if we simply don’t have the patience for people to do things in their own time at their own pace?

Maybe welcome begins with us.

Maybe the community learns disrespect from us.

Maybe we need to pause, every now and then, and think about what we are doing.

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