Hey James,

how do u increse ur internet speed up to 10 times faster without using uncapper , accerator , cause i have seen my friend who is using a 56k modem but his speed is 10 times faster then 56k modem i m puzzled , can u help me ?

James’ response
Here is 3 ways you can speed up your internet connection. I wouldn’t suggest doing this unless you are on a 56k or lower. If you are like me you visit lots of hacking sites where all you want is the information. You don’t care about all the graphics they fill their space with, you just want the text. On these sites tend to be annoying popups. Here are 3 ways 56k users can filter out graphics, popups, and make their connection go faster.

The first way is very simple, but you may not like it. Simply go into internet explorer and click on tools, then Internet Options, then the Advanced tab… scroll down to Multimedia and uncheck the “Show pictures” check box. Now when you surf the web pages will load alot faster since they don’t need to load all those images. Here is a tip when surfing with images turned off, if you right click on the box that fills the area where the picture would be and select “show picture” the image will load. This means that if you want to surf quickly, but need to see a pic or two you can view it this way.
The second way doesn’t speed it up as much as the first, but it does help.. and intead of decreasing the quality of your net experience it makes it better =) What you need to do is go to http://spywaresucks.org/prox/ or www.proxomitron.cjb.net and download the program called proxomitron. Then get some filters from that site and check all of the “kill popups” and “kill ads” filters. This will make it so you don’t load all the popup windows and advertising graphics that are on alot of pages. Not only does this speed up your surfing but it helps save the time and fustration from closing popup windows.

The Third way is alittle more hairy. This method is changing your MTU (Maximum Transfer Units) so that it works better with a dailup. Let me explain what your MTU is. MTU is what windows uses to determine the size of packets. When you connect with another computer they share MTUs and use the lower one. So if yours is lower than the computer you are connecting to the transfer will use your MTU. You might be thinking that you should set your MTU to 1,000,000. This would not be good for a 56k, not even good for an ethernet connection. When routers run into an MTU larger than their’s they split the packet up, this can make the transfer very slow. The default MTU of windows 95 is 1,500 and windows 98 is 576 (actually it is automatic for 56k as 576, other connection types are at different settings). 1,500 works really well for high speed connections, but not for 56k. Try setting it to 512, 552, 556, 1006, 1024, 1064 or 1152 and see which works the best. To change these settings try a program or two from www.winboost.com.

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