Let’s talk about pets and pet therapy and how they help people.  Pets are so awesome, because they are your best friend, always there to care for and nurture you when you need it.  I’ve had pets all my life, since I was born and I would never have it any other way.  When you treat them right they will always be there for you in your time of need, just like my animals were.

I have many great stories of all my pets but of my dogs that I have ever had, my favorite was Lucky or Lulubelle as we liked to call her.  My family had her got her as a family pet when I was about 4 years old, helping to raise and train her, she and I became best of friends.

One day when I was in need and great emotional pain crying in my dad’s arms, upset about my difficulties the following happened.  Lucky came right up to me, pushed her way between my legs, and looked straight up at me, with this look of “Hey bud what’s wrong, is my Paulo okay?”.  That single act of kindness that Lulubelle did for me gave me a happier outlook on life that day, my best friend telling me things were okay.

Lucky and all our other family pets have done things like this for us, but it’s what any best friend would do – the empathy of a great pet.

Pet Therapy is much the same though… because other people with caring pets get them to share their kindness with others that are sick, and that is a beautiful thing.  So now I would like to ask all of you, where do you think society would we be today in the world if we didn’t have pets and their love that comes with them?

Written By

Paul Baldwin

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