indexOur self-advocate group chose to have a conference in our area

because we enjoyed the one we went to the year before in Kelowna.

We wanted to do something for the community so people could meet us and we could be involved.

We met and brainstormed ideas. We thought about how we wanted the public involved.

We needed to come up with ways to interest a large amount of people in attending.

We decided to have a topic that would be useful for everybody. We came up with a theme of Overcoming Barriers: Living Life to the fullest. We decided on three workshops.

One was about service animals and how they can help people live a full life. We asked two local men with service dogs to talk.

The next workshop was on Technology. One of our self – advocates talked. He gave some useful APP ideas and explained how they could be used.

The last workshop was presented by Adaptive Adventures Kelowna.

They brought in some of their equipment and showed how they use them to help people.

Their equipment gives people the chance to be involved in activities like hiking when they would normally not be able because of limitations they may be living with.

To help put the conference together and ensure that it would be a success, we asked for a donation from CIBC and got other donations from local businesses.

With this, we were able to have a draw for a chance to win a Rick Hansen book and Jacket. We also purchased food and drinks for the event.
The conference was awesome! It went so well that we plan to make it a yearly event.

It attracted people from the public, the mayor, self-advocate and other service providers to come.

We hope to make it better next year.

Written by Michelle Goodwin

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