Dear Jill,
I have been married forr 3 years and we had got into some financial troubles a year ago and now Im working 7 days a week and my husband works 5. MY husband is a busy body and he plays softball 2 days a week and he also goes bowling on thursdays. On friday and saturday he likes to go to the bar with his friends. I told him he parties too much to be married and he said to me what is he suppose to do stay home and be bored? I feel that its not fair he gets to have fun while im out working to support the family. I feel the man should be the back bone of the family. I know that this is a new day and age but it makes me very mad that he thinks about having fun when there are bills to be paid. a year ago I was diagnosed with lupus and I know my body is telling me to slow down but I just feel if I do the family will suffer because he is too worried about missing out on the fun. please help me am I wrong for feeling this way?? signed tired in az
Jills response
wow,you are going thru some rough stuff,does your husband even care at all that you have lupus?,i think your hubby should stop having so much fun,and spend the time looking after you,it doesn’t seem like your hubby isn’t being very supportive towards you at all,he’s to involved in his fun,he should take care of you,cos you’re going thru alot honey,you should relax,and put your feet up,and take it’re doing nothing wrong here honey,your hubby is..he’s having so much fun,i’m thinking he forgot he has a wife..hahahha..i’m just kidding should sit down and talk to your hubby bout this,let him know how you feel,he should stay home and take care of you,he won’t be bored,he won’t be bored if he’s taking care of you..have a very merry christmas,and write me back,to let me know how you’re doing,ok honey?..take care,and god bless u. (((hug)))

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