My name is Rosemerri Stafford and I am 34 years old.  This is the story of my life…..

I live on a farm in Aldergrove with my mom.  We have ducks and 2 dogs.

I have a part time job working at Starbucks twice a week, which I love!!  I have made many friendships over the years with my regular customers.  Sometimes I even get tips!!

I also do quite a bit of volunteer work within my community.  I do adopt-a-park, the food bank, maples garden and occasionally at the thrift store.

I go to Explorations day program 5 days a week.  I take Handy Dart to my program and to Starbucks as well.  In my spare time, I enjoy scrapbooking and making greeting cards.  Quite often I make cards and give them to my friends and my staff.

I visit with my Dad and his wife and kids in Burnaby sometimes.  My step brother helps me load music onto my ipod!  I love going there, my Dad always spoils me! This summer he took me to the PNE. We had a great time!

I enjoy being involved with the self advocates and I also like to help out with other committees, like planning our yearly summer fest.

I love to listen to music, dance, sing and make people laugh.  I think I am a good friend!



Rosemerri Stafford


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