marreenMaureen’s mother raised her to make her own decisions and to live her own life.

So for Maureen, the idea of being her own individualized funding agent and making decisions about who provides her services and when and how came naturally.

The Individualized Funding Host Agency option allows people who want to direct how and by whom their services are provided to be the lead without the challenges of financial record-keeping and liabilities of being the Employer of Record.

In this video, Maureen shares how she has directed her own services and “signs the paycheques” with the support of her Host Agency, Community Living Victoria:

Individualized funding is an important option for receiving CLBC services that can lead to a better quality of life. As an alternative to existing residential, community inclusion or employment programs offered by service providers, it allows you a say in planning and directing your own services. Resources are available to help you think about individualized funding as an option for helping to improve your life.

To learn more at the links below:

CLBC Individualized Funding Information

VELA Canada  (VELA Canada provides support to CLBC individualized funding and Microboard users)

Other success stories about people using individualized funding options

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