Photo Description: A Christmas ornament of a fat angel hanging on a Christmas tree.

fat angel





I got up yesterday fearing the worst. But, I’m the kind of person, and I don’t think this is uncommon, who, when I buy a lottery ticket, knows that I’m going to lose but can’t help but imagine winning – so I had hope. My power chair has broken down and the repair people can’t come until the 29th. I’ve chosen to use my holiday days now and didn’t want to be housebound through the whole season. But …

… we have a scooter. The scooter came to me in an odd way. I had been waiting for the elevator in our building and a woman I’d never met, or even seen before, approached me and asked me if I wanted a scooter. I looked at her, as I sat in my fairly new power chair, startled. She pulled me aside and told me that she was on a bit of a mission.

Her friend, a lovely woman I’m told, had just passed away. One of the things she was in charge of was clearing out her apartment. Most of the stuff in the apartment she could whatever she wanted with. However there had been a specific request. Her friend was a fat woman and the scooter had been a life changer for her. It opened the world up and allowed her to really enjoy her last years. She didn’t want it trashed. She asked her friend to give it to another fat person who might need it.

She wanted to follow her friend’s request but didn’t know how to go about finding a fat person to give the scooter to … and then she walked in and saw me. Did I want the scooter? I hesitated only for a couple of seconds and then said, “Yes.”

Joe and I headed down to get it. Joe rode it home. Years and years later, it’s been here with us. I used it only once, sparingly for a day or two, when my scooter first went in for repairs, a couple of years after getting it. Joe has used it several times for several parades like gay pride and St. Patricks. The girls like riding on it with him.

But now I wanted to use it for several days, I wanted to go some distance in it, and I haven’t used it except, as I said, sparingly for a couple of days. I was concerned about the battery which has to be 10 years old. I was concerned about it’s ability to carry me up and down Yonge Street, which I needed to do. Last time I just stayed in the neighbourhood, fearing to travel too far in it.

Yesterday morning I got in. And off we went. The first trip was over to get a hair cut. The chair did this easily. I was reassured. The next was down to see my doctor, Joe and I both have coughs that won’t go away. This would be the test. I’d never gone that far in the chair. The trip down didn’t worry me but the trip back did. It’s uphill all the way.

The upshot is … I’m ready for my vacation! The scooter, as old as it is, is still ready and willing to take me where I need to go.

All because a fat woman wanted to help another fat person.

I don’t know her, I never met her, don’t even know what she looked like, but, I hope she is in heaven, smiling.

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