This page is a recap of Selfadvocatenet.coms  participation at the 4 day event

Inclusion B.C. Conference Inspired by Love in Richmond B.C.

Hosted by Richmond Society for Community Living

Also the Disability Pride Rally very own webmaster and manger Bryce Schaufelberger  had workshop that hosted at inclusion bc called one click away

this some pictures in the workshop that was done on building website and with self advocates


Approximately 1300 people gathered on the streets of Richmond for BC’s first Disability Pride celebration and march.

People with and without disabilities from across the province celebrated pride, inclusion and diversity on Thursday morning. The event is part of BC Disability Pride 2017, a year-long Canada 150+ initiative to bring people together and promote conversations about pride and inclusion.

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“Being disabled is part of my identity as a person. It is a part of who I am and I do not see my disabled identity as a negative one,” says Lauren Stinson, member of our Disability Pride Steering Committee. “This is why ‘Disability Pride’ is so important to talk about. It views disability in a positive matter, which goes against the dominant narrative.” 

Video of what looked like at rally of Disability Pride walk click here


Some Headlines covering the disability pride rally media cbc and global coverage

Media Coverage

Diverse abilities celebrated in B.C.’s first ever disability pride march
‘I’m really proud of my CP swagger and my CP swagger makes me who I am,’ says woman with cerebral palsy
CBC By Ash Kelly, Posted: Jun 15, 2017 7:01 PM PT

WATCH: Disability Pride March on CBC’s the National [27:10]

LISTEN: Disability Pride March on CBC radio (Early Edition) [01:19:50]

LISTEN: Disability Pride on BC Almanac
Faith Bodnar, executive director of Inclusion B.C., Alexander Magnussen, an inclusion consultant, and Lauren Stinson, a youth leadership mentee at North Shore Disability Resource Centre, on disability pride. Master Gardener Brian Minter answers questions.

LISTEN: Richmond célèbre les personnes handicapées
Un événement bien spécial avait lieu jeudi à Richmond. Pour la première fois en Colombie-Britannique, une marche a été organisée pour célébrer les personnes handicapées et célébrer les personnes de toutes capacités.

Diverse abilities celebrated in B.C.’s first ever disability pride march

Peter Bourne Sang his song We Shell Overcome was at Inclusion B.C.Conference today workshop woodland panal on day 1 of the conference








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