By Lillian W. (B.C.)  


It can be challenging to live as a person with a disability on PWD assistance when you are trying to meet all of your needs within your allotted paycheck each month. Fortunately, the BC government allows a yearly income allowance to all PWDs to supplement their monthly income.


This means you can work and earn up to a certain amount each year, without losing money from your monthly cheque. If you would like to check your annual earnings exemption, please click here for the Ministry’s webpage.


As a person with a disability who has not been able to be in the workforce, I spent two years researching what might be available to help my situation. I had a lot of expenses related to my disability and was finding it very financially difficult.


I began searching extensively about how to earn money from home by working online. The great news is that there are many options for people with disabilities to make money online.


Here are a few ideas to get you started:


Remote Work Job Boards


  • There are job boards such as where you can search and apply for jobs that are online or remote (work-from-home) only. There are even data entry positions and surveys that you get paid to complete. – However, be cautious not to pay money for any job or job training!



Remote Work Job Sites


  • Register an account on Also to  If you can teach yourself how to create basic logos (for example, on sites like you can begin to charge for this service. YouTube is also a great place to learn new skills such as graphic design and build upon your other talents.


Writing is a great skill to have for making extra money. There are many

  • websites that will pay you to write articles and websites will often share your stories about your disability. You can also write product descriptions for businesses or sellers on Amazon, ebay, Etsy.


  • Other skills you can offer:

Audio voiceovers, managing Facebook or other social media accounts (once again, check YouTube for free educational resources.)



Teaching English Online


  • Many companies offer, on average, $20 USD per hour to teach English to children in China via a service like Skype. Companies like and allow you to teach English without having a prerequisite degree or TEFL course.





If you purchase a good headset and you have the ability to type, you can transcribe audio clips or videos on sites such as or



These are just a few ideas, but there are many more. It can be very difficult to overcome obstacles when faced with hardships and limitations. However, the great thing is that with the internet there is more opportunity than ever for us to overcome these challenges and live a positive, fulfilling life! Hopefully, this gives you a few ideas of what might be possible. I wish you all the best, we can do this!


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