Hi, my name is Donald, and I have lived in Chilliwack for almost ten years.

I used to have good vision, and then in 2008 I got sick and had problems with my eyes and lost most of my vision. I have no peripheral vision now, due to a detached retina.

I get around independently on public transit. The bus route stops a twenty minute walk from my house.

To get to or from the bus, I have to walk along a very busy road, that has no sidewalk.


I met with the mayor, Sharon Gaetz, to talk about putting in a sidewalk along Keith Wilson Road, because someone could easily get hurt since lots of people have to walk there, and lots of cars drive that strip very fast.

The mayor said the city won’t put sidewalks in, but the new residences that are being built eventually will.

But that means we have to wait until those new places are built up.


To stay safe in the meantime, it’s important to be visible to traffic, and you need to walk facing the oncoming traffic.

I try and wear bright coloured clothing when going for the bus.


I think it’s important for people with disabilities to use local buses because it helps you be independent like everyone else, and it’s a lot faster than the handi-dart. Plus, you get to interact with other people from your community.


I learned to use the bus simply by staying on the bus for a whole day and riding it up and down and around the city.

If I need extra help, it is easy enough to just ask the driver – that’s what they’re paid for!


I hope that sometime in the near future there will be sidewalks on Keith Wilson Road, to help keep me, and everyone else safe.

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