is in support of International Day of Persons with Disabilities Dec 3rd,2020

This page all about the day to recognize persons with disabilities. This is the day to understand the contributions that persons with disabilities have done to help our society and to learn about rights of persons with disabilities.

So the intent is to highlight day activities as happens facts stories why is reason to help a person that has disabilities.


Stay tune as we get closer to Dec 3rd have statements by all levels govt once come in more events on that posted here


The first part is this year is the Theme 2020 “NOT ALL DISABILITIES ARE VISIBLE”

So wondering what the theme means this year here facts

Millions of people worldwide have invisible disabilities. Like their peers with visible disabilities, they often face stigma and discrimination as well as abuse that occurs in a range of settings including institutions, prisons, hospitals and homes.

People with invisible disabilities are also at risk of exclusion from mainstream activities, education, the workforce and social activities.

Second you wondering why Dec 3rd is International Day for Persons with Disabilities

International Day of Persons with Disabilities falls on the 3rd of December each year, with the aim of promoting empowerment, and helping to create real opportunities for people with disabilities. This enhances their own capacities and supports them in setting their own priorities. Empowerment involves investing in people in jobs, health, nutrition, education, and social protection. When people are empowered they are better prepared to take advantage of opportunities, they become agents of change and can more readily embrace their civic responsibilities.

Here are some videos of the day



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