Sheenagh MorrisonI was involved in the planning of celebrations for the December 3rd International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

I started planning the event in October with the help of South Island Community Council.

We had a panel of people involved in the planning with myself, a police officer from Saanich,

Doug Tenant from Recreation Integration and GT Hiring Solutions.

The theme for 2015 celebration was Invisible Disability or Diversability; it was a very challenging topic.

It could mean a number of things that could also cover a range of people with Arthritis, Alzheimer’s, and other injuries etc.

I was asked by someone there what it is like when I first meet someone new and I’m introduced.

I said when my brother is with me he will say “Hi, this is Sheenagh, my sister”.

When I’m with a group of friends and we bump into one of their friends, they will say “Hi, this is Sheenagh one of my friends”.

So these are two examples I prefer people to use when they are introducing me to someone new.

Instead of them saying “Hi, this is Sheenagh, she has a disability”; I find this way is less positive


international day right of pwd dec 3


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