Nutrition is a topic which interests me and has interested me ever since I was a kid. I know so much about nutrition, but, I do not eat nutritiously. I think it is one thing to know and yet a totally different thing to do. Here are some of my lifestyle quotes:

“Body for Life, cravings for life.”
“If you’re craved, fill it.”
“Gain it all back, plus more.”
“If you can’t walk, taxi cab it.”
“Make the night a day, and the day a night.”

A lot of people may think that these quotes may lead people away from cooking and eating correctly. I do think the body knows best what it wants. If it wants sugar, I think you will be craved until you fill that urge with sugar. A lot of people think that too much sugar causes onset diabetes. I think that if you eat all the sugar the body craves, but not more, you will keep your risk of diabetes near zero percent.

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