InclusionWorks! Saanich, a collective family-governed group supporting young adults with the label of developmental disability, is seeking to contract with an individual or organization interested and experienced in conducting self-determination and self-advocacy training. Required would be a brief (letter-length) proposal that includes whether it is the intent of the potential contractor to use their own curriculum, available commercial or non-profit curricula, or some combination. The curriculum selected must be adapted to the specific learning styles of our participants requiring the trainer to have some experience in modifying curriculum/instruction. Training would begin in September, take place on Friday mornings with approximately 8-10 young adults at a place to be determined, and must include self-advocate trainers in at least some aspects of the training. We are interested in training that addresses rights and responsibilities, decision-making and supported decision-making, choices and natural consequences, speaking up for oneself, empowerment, etc. Interested persons or organizations should send a letter outlining their experience and values, proposed curriculum and programming, the involvement of self-advocates in the training, and the fees requested for the work. Proposals from self-advocacy groups, students, educators and progressive organizations are very welcome.


Please send a letter via email by August 1 to:


If you have questions, please email Catriona at