My name is Laurie Fairweather and I have been a self-advocate for many years. I have been at the Garth Homer Society for 23 years and hope to be for many more.

Laurie Fairweather - Photo 1

I recently participated in a Self-Advocacy Café. It was the first one we (the Garth Homer Society Self-Advocacy Group) had ever put on. A total of 18 people attended. I was the MC and greeter for the event. I was nervous, but I pulled it off! I did learn that I do have limitations. Two roles kept me busy! It was like a patch work quilt – everyone’s contribution was different. There were people of all ages which made the discussion very interesting.


Laurie Fairweather - Photo 2

We shared and learned about social media (safety, Facebook friendships, do’s and don’ts), healthy being, and community resources. It was obvious many participants want more accessible information about low-cost services and opportunities in the community. I learned to stand up for what is right. In addition to the discussions, we had a colouring table with positive words and pictures. We also had a dream wall where participants could write what the day meant to them.

Laurie Fairweather - Photo 3

I am a self-advocate and love to help others to be self-advocates. We ended with a circle and all the feedback was so positive! We are hoping that we are able to do this again in the future! And I would like to be MC again!
By Laurie Fairweather

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