joe singing


Image description: My simple, very simple, drawing of Joe, who forgot the phone so I couldn’t take a picture, in the choir this morning.

I didn’t get a blog written this morning. Between getting my exercises done and getting ready to go to church we were really rushed for time. It was one of the few times that we went down to the lobby to find WheelTrans waiting in the driveway for us. We stayed for both the 9 o’clock and 11 o’clock services because Joe was singing at both.

He’s been quite nervous about singing in the choir and several times this week, after choir practise, has gone over the music. I was really pleased to see him off to practise and to feel his excitement about singing today. It’s nice to be the partner of the person on stage rather than the person on stage.

When the choir sang this morning, at the first service, I was pleased that I could pick Joe’s voice out from all the other voices. From when we first met, I loved it when he sang, but over time he stopped singing and became shy of it. So, I listened hard and heard Joe’s particular inflection of speech and soon I could hear his voice amongst all the other men in his section. It was nice.

It was a nice way to spend a Sunday morning, and we’re now home getting ready for a late lunch. Actually, Joe is making the late lunch while I’m writing this. Most wonderful part of all of this is that the whole time there, at church, listening to the choir practise and then the choir sing, I thought of nothing else but being there, listening to Joe, and in all that I found a kind of peace settle round me.

I am so refreshed.

And … well … hungry.

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