0312151121-03(1)By: Cheryl Fryfield

For the past many years I have been making my own money, paying my own rent and buying my own bus pass, groceries and clothing.

The Public Guardian and Trustee have tried twice to get PWD income assistance for me, but in the eyes of the Ministry I make too much money.

People who get PWD also get a yearly bus pass. For a long time I was upset for not getting a bus pass, but now I have made the most of things.

Which is probably good in a way.   Having a bus pass or the tickets really do help you get around.

I am on very a tight budget, but have learned over the years about grocery shopping, buying clothes for myself, and about pricing everything.

I will admit that sometimes I am broke by the end of the week, but at least I have the basics of home. I am lucky to live in nice low-income housing.

I live in a bachelor suite. I lucked out getting it when my mother moved into a senior’s home 5 years ago. I have been on my own before, but never for this long.

I appreciate it very much I tell you. If it weren’t for the subsidy housing I would probably be big in trouble. But things are good at the moment.

We are very lucky to live in a country such as a Canada where we do get supports put in place and get financial help too if we need it. bc_bus_pass_logo

If you do need a little financial help like PWD, that is always good too. I have been going to thrift stores for clothing, like the Salvation Army and Value Village.

A friend showed me the tricks about that. For example, when you buy second hand clothing you have to be careful about the wear and tear of the clothing.

For grocery shopping I tend to buy bulk meats and chickens. I like a family style packing because I can take a portion out and put into a baggie and into the freezer it goes.

If you budget your money carefully you should be ok. It’s pretty good being independent financially because you don’t have to answer to anybody or send in receipts like paychecks for example.

If you are not on PWD, or you get a job and make too much money to receive assistance, don’t be afraid.

It’s possible to do it on your own. You can find a room mate, or low-income housing like me. Then you will have no worries.

Making your own money is a good thing. It gives you independence and confidence.

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